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Schizotypy is a Scotland-based production company of game plays, which game playwright Mordechai Gabai founded in 2018. We are undesirables who have decided to band into a ragtag army. Indeed, Our games tell stories that are relevant to YOU!

In 2019, Schizotypy subsumed Filamenti's legal personality. In the same year, it moved with its founder from Dundee to Edinburgh, following vexatious litigation and smear campaigns targeting us there. Indeed, we are proud to say that unlike Guerrilla Games, we are actual guerrillas!

We have practised game development at pop-up studios in university libraries, makerspaces, squats, homeless shelters and trailer parks. In so doing, our work has already offended Karens, landlords, churches and even governments. Indeed, we are masters of creative destruction in the most literal sense and we go straight for the throat.

Total Rendition is Schizotypy's current project, as well as (at least for the moment) Schizotypy's flagship title.

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For job inquiries, visit the Total Rendition website regularly.

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Recommended: Jaron's Lanier's Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now & #StopHateForProfit.


Schizotypy Games is legally incorporated as Schizotypy Game Development Limited (SC599033)

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Scotland, UK

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