Schizotypy is a Scotland-based production company of game plays, which game playwright Mordechai Gabai founded in 2018. Game plays are immersive simulations giving the world back to you!

Total Rendition is Schizotypy's current project.

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(Anti-)Social media

We maintain no official presence on any (anti-)social media.

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For job inquiries, visit the Total Rendition website regularly, or mail

Investor relations

To invest in Schizotypy Games is to bet on the viability of creativity and expression, against the legal impunity of (anti-)social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Parler and Gab. We are saving the world by resurrecting the art of ambitious narrative game development. Will you join us?


Schizotypy Games is legally incorporated as Schizotypy Game Development Limited (SC599033)

17-21 East Mayfield

Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 1SE

United Kingdom

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