Schizotypy - Break free from the metaverse!

The revenue models of large video game publishers revolving around microtransactions are unsustainable, while so-called "social media" are destroying the mental well-being of its useds. As "social media" popularized microtransactions, it hindered the cause of narrative-driven games! Who will break free from the metaverse?

Enter Schizotypy Games, a Scotland-based production company of narrative-driven video games, founded by Mordechai Gabai in 2018. Its purpose is simple, yet radical: To restore the art of narrative-driven gameplay, only to take it further! We are saving the world from the oppressive dominance of "social media", one narrative-driven title at a time!

Total Rendition is Schizotypy's current project.

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Schizotypy Games is legally incorporated as Schizotypy Game Development Limited (SC599033)

17-21 East Mayfield

NOTE: The above is provided as a correspondence address; the locations of the actual studios, where game development takes place, are classified.

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