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Schizotypy Games is a Scotland-based production company of narrative-driven video games, founded by Mordechai Gabai in 2018. Total Rendition is Schizotypy's current project. Our mission is simple, yet radical: To restore the art of narrative-driven gameplay, then take it further!

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(Anti-)Social media

Since "social media" popularized microtransactions and redirected investment away from narrative-driven games, we maintain no official presence on any (anti-)social media, so get in touch with us this way: We also have an official presence on

NOTE: Please do not make us any unsolicited web design offers, as the retro-1990s aesthetic of this website is deliberate and a source of pride!

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Investment opportunities

The revenue models of large video game publishers revolving around microtransactions are unsustainable, while so-called "social media" are destroying the mental well-being of its useds.

We are saving the world from the oppressive dominance of "social media", one narrative-driven titleat a time! Furthermore, your investments in Schizotypy Games are currently eligible for EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) relief, subject to approval from HMRC. What's not to like?


Schizotypy Games is legally incorporated as Schizotypy Game Development Limited (SC599033)

17-21 East Mayfield

Edinburgh, Scotland EH9 1SE

United Kingdom

NOTE: The above is provided as a correspondence address; the locations of the actual studios, where game development takes place, are classified.

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