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Got Skills?

For the development of Total Rendition, Schizotypy Games is urgently looking to enlist the help of independent contractors skilled in one or more of the following areas:

Feel free to get in touch if you believe you are able to join Total Rendition's Dev Team in a different capacity as well.

Schizotypy Games is currently also in the process of looking for a Managing Director with accounting and legal skills, to join Schizotypy's board, in exchange for equity.

Send your CV (and where applicable, portfolio) to Schizotypy Games to get in touch: Good luck!


Schizotypy Games is inviting venture capitalists and other high net-worth individuals to enter into discussions on Schizotypy's current upcoming flagship title Total Rendition, an immersive simulation intended to have hours if not days of emergent gameplay, with ambitions for multi-platform availability.

General Information

Schizotypy Games is formally known as as Schizotypy Game Development Limited (SC599033)

17-21 East Mayfield

NOTE: The above is provided as a correspondence address; actual work is done from classified locations.

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